Black Rhodium Sonata VS-1



The cable to remove EVEN MORE distortion from your music!

Cable manufactured in England
2 core screened cable
Silver plated copper conductors for greater clarity of sound.
Low loss PTFE insulation designed for clearer beat and rhythm of music, with increased distance between conductors for reduced “transient phase distortion”
Silver plated copper braided screen to eliminate noise and interference
Advanced quality control of the wire direction in the manufacturing process to ensure consistent superior stereo imaging and low background noise
Fitted with the Graham Nalty Legacy Range VS-1 Vibration stabiliser to further reduce distortion by controlling mechanical vibrations travelling through the cable
Exclusive Black Rhodium post production process delivers improved sound quality.
Rhodium plated straight line contact RCA connectors for superior sound quality


Handmade in UK

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0,5 mt, 1,0 mt

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